A Trip to The Barber

February 19, 2010

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What's a Razor?

Another First: Professional Shave!

Like Father, Like Son

Jovial Sea Captain

The Buscemi

Smooth...as a Baby's Bottom!

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  1. I like the "What's a razor" the most, personally. But they all have their own stylishness. Keep experimenting, I sure have since middle school when those first whiskers appeared....

    You REALLY captured the essence of BA man, god you made me miss it. I will surely travel with you there whenever you want, or when I'm not living in the Middle East. I'm in! "Ben and Adam do Latin American: Segundo Parte!" After Panama, I'm sure we could have a blast among the tangueros, choripan, cafecitos, classical guitar, beautiful women, futbol fans, and cobblestone-yet-Latin-American streets!