Ten Surprising Uses for Motorbikes in Vietnam

October 24, 2011

A Vietnamese person without access to a motorbike is like a bear who hates the taste of honey. You just won't find any. Over twenty million of these machines are on the roads in this country, far outnumbering all other vehicles combined. And you will not just encounter motorbikes transporting their drivers, but everything else and the kitchen sink. Literally. I regularly had the urge to blink, rub my eyes, and ask myself "Did I really just see that?" In the interest of sharing my sense of wonder, here is a list I've compiled of Ten Surprising Uses for the Vietnamese Motorbike!

1. Ticket to Dreamland

 2. Nirvana Express

3. Convenience Store on Wheels (Extra Convenient!

4. Swine Limousine

5. Driver / Large Object(s) /Passenger Sandwich

6. Bearer of Clean Clothes to Come

7. Standing Child's Thrill Ride

8. Cozy Sedan for Family of Five

9. King's Door Courier

10. Full-Size Refrigerator Transport!

Honorable Mention: Russian Doll.  Question: How would you fit five progressively larger tires and one man onto a motorbike?  Answer: Drop them around his waist and turn him into a Russian doll!  Wish I had managed to snap a picture of that.


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