Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit India? Maybe you're interested in learning about the country's incredible sights, vibrant culture, and hospitable people? Or perhaps you've been to this part of the world before, but realize that your experiences only scratched the surface of what makes India so unique?

I invite you to join me on an unforgettable journey of discovery through a country like no other. Where Camels Dance and Cows Wander: An Indian Odyssey will transport you to a land where ancient civilization and staggering modernization coexist side by side. You'll see the astonishing things that I see, meet the remarkable people that I meet, and receive an honest account of what it's really like to travel through India.

"'Where Camels Dance and Cows Wander' is the wanderlust inducing story of Adam Taylor Smith's four month journey across India. Through wonderful photos and extraordinary tales of awe-inspiring temples, dancing camels, serene spiritual practices, and holy elephants, the author perfectly captures both the excitement and the frustrations that accompany a trip to this very special country. It's a beautifully produced book and it stirred up feelings of nostalgia for the places I had been as well as a longing to see the places I hadn't. Stunning work."
-Simon Fairbairn, NeverEndingVoyage.com     

A trip through India is an eye-opening cultural experience, a moving encounter with human spirituality, and above all, a striking visual journey. We've all seen pictures of the Taj Mahal, but fewer have glimpsed such equally astonishing sights as the Jain temple of Ranakpur, the surreal landscape of Hampi, or the magnificent golden-headress adorned elephants of a Keralan temple festival. Where Camels Dance and Cows Wander uncovers these wonders by way of the same vivid photography and insightful narration that readers of this site have come to expect.

"If you’re like me and you’re intrigued but apprehensive about visiting India, this book will offer an incredible peek into the richness and vitality of Indian culture. Numerous breathtaking photos illustrate a travelogue that transports you from some of the world's most evocative landscapes to the glamour of Bollywood; from the extravagant folklore of local festivals to the search for one's true essence through rigorous spiritual practice. If India is a secret for you, this book will reveal it."
-Carolina Ayerbe, CulturalTravelGuide.com  

Where Camels Dance and Cows Wander is presented as a large format, 8"x10" size book, and is available in softcover and hardcover versions. The build of the softcover edition compares favorably to a high-quality paperback book, while the gorgeous hardcover edition would fit right in at the most exclusive boutique bookstore. Both versions feature beautiful, two-page picture spreads, and both will make a great addition to any bookshelf. (UPDATE: The softcover version is now being manufactured with a high quality matte cover!)

In addition to print editions, a digital version is also now available! The e-book edition features the same absorbing visual and written content as the print book, and looks absolutely stunning when viewed on an iPad or on your computer screen. Those who purchase the e-book will also receive instant access to a free bonus supplement, How to Plan a Trip to India.* In this helpful guide I reveal some invaluable secrets I've acquired from extensive travel in India and around the globe. Whether you'd like some road-tested strategies for saving money while traveling, you want to pay no ATM fees anywhere in the world, or you'd like to get in touch with a Bollywood casting agent who will give you a shot at stardom, this free supplement to Where Camels Dance has you covered!

I'm confident that you'll agree that Where Camels Dance and Cows Wander is a pleasure both to read and to look at, but don't just take my word for it! A preview of the book's opening section can be seen below. (Click the arrows next to the shopping cart icon to view in full screen mode.)

Furthermore, for every book sold a dollar will be donated to CARE India, a respected NGO that is working to end poverty and social injustice by empowering women in poor and marginalized communities.

The e-book version of Where Camels Dance and Cows Wander is ready for instant download through Paypal checkout. Paypal accepts all major credit cards. All orders for the print editions are handled directly by my printing partners, who offer local shipping rates throughout the U.S. and much of Europe.

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*If you purchase (or have purchased) the print version of the book and want access to the "How to Plan a Trip to India" e-book bonus, forward your book receipt to me by email and I'll be happy to send you a download link.
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