The Journey Begins

August 9, 2009

Have you ever wanted to take a break from everyday life and go travel the world? I've dreamed about doing this for a long time. While I have the blessing of time and money, I decided to make this dream a reality. So, I either sold or gave away nearly everything I owned: my downtown Washington D.C. condo, all of my furniture, most of my clothes, and many of the other possessions I'd built up over 28 years.

I've never felt so free in my life.

The basic outline of my journey is sketched, but everything is flexible and open to change. Follow along with me on my travels and remember to leave comments. The sun is setting on Virginia Beach, and Mexico City beckons...

1 comment :

  1. It's so inspiring to see you starting anew at 28--a tabula rasa or the ultimate detox! Millard Fuller founded Habitat for Humanity during his time of searching, when he sold all of his possessions and went to live at Koionia Farm. I hope your trip will unleash your genius.