What is Viajar Sin Rumbo?

"Viajar Sin Rumbo" is a Spanish phrase that roughly translates as "to wander." It describes the way I prefer to travel; with an open mind, without a set agenda, and always ready to be sidetracked by new discoveries. I couldn't imagine making a long trip where I only visit essential postcard destinations, take a few pictures, and quickly move on to the next tourist hot spot. Instead, I look to delve deeper into a place, have unique and memorable experiences, and understand something of the place's history, culture, and people. "Viajar Sin Rumbo" means spending more time in fewer places. It means traveling by way of few one-way plane tickets and many more bus tickets. It means backpacking on a budget; lots of cheap hostel beds and lots of cheap street food. Most importantly, "Viajar Sin Rumbo" means viewing every day as a new adventure!

Who is Adam the Traveler? 

A practical-minded daydreamer. A goal-oriented procrastinator. A stubborn individual with a curious soul. Someone whose diverse passions have inspired him to earn a computer engineering degree, learn several languages, travel to dozens of countries, work as a musician, play an extra in a Bollywood film, and even write a book.

Virginia born and bred, I call the wonderfully cosmopolitan city of Washington D.C. home when not journeying through foreign lands.

In addition to traveling, writing, and playing music, I also enjoy photography, soccer, hiking, cycling, reading, and singing on top of buses.

Why does Adam Travel?

I'm not sure where this intense wanderlust first originated. But five months spent studying Spanish and living with a local family in the lovely city of Granada, Spain, opened my eyes to life outside of U.S. borders.

In lieu of a diary, I write this blog in order to document my experiences and share them with family, friends, and anyone else who cares to tune in. Through photos, video, and stories, I hope to capture the essence of the places I go. I aim to show how my own preconceptions have been changed by what I've seen and hopefully challenge your own as well. So, follow along, leave comments, and be inspired to wander!