Beauty of Mardin

October 19, 2010

Most travelers who visit Turkey are advised to stay away from the Southeast. Unfortunately, this region has gained a reputation for violence committed by militant Kurds. But those who skip over this area miss one of the highlights of all of Turkey; the exquisite town of Mardin. Many of the buildings showcase an incredibly intricate style of arabesque stone carving. Dramatically perched on a mountainside overlooking the vast desert plains of Northern Syria, it as if the entire village is an outdoor museum. I visited the town on a day trip while staying in the nearby city of Urfa, and despite the potential for danger, did not regret my decision for a second. I hope that this photo gallery can do justice to the beauty of Mardin. Please enjoy the pictures and leave a comment!

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  1. What an amazing place! I can't imagine seeing this type of artisan talent in the USA construction business today. There are only a few buildings I've seen here in the US - like grand central station in NYC - that reflect a similar level of detail and expression. It'd be great to see a revival of this type beauty in our communities today... Thanks for the introduction to Mardin. I didn't even know it existed!

  2. The place takes your breath away.

    Thank you