Bat Cave of Battambang

November 14, 2011

Every night shortly before sunset, a mesmerizing spectacle unfolds at a cave in western Cambodia. Over a million bats initiate a symphony of high-pitched shrieking in anticipation for the night's feast. Quick as a flash, they come streaming out of the large opening of their cavern dwelling, and do not stop their procession for over an hour. Locals bring their children to witness the event. Everyone stares up in awe. I motorbiked over here with some other backpackers and we joined in with the gawking crowds.  Too bad none of us remembered to bring a Batman costume. Well, there's always next time...


  1. :( It's a private video I can't watch it! (love your posts)

  2. Ah thanks for the heads up Jill! I just switched it to "public" so give it another shot! I'm glad you enjoy the blog!